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Inspection Services

New Home Inspections – Peace of mind before you buy

A home inspection by RES answers all the questions you have about an existing structure or new property. Our detailed report informs you of the quality of the home you are considering. points out in detail repairs or maintenance that may be required, and protects all parties involved from potential misunderstandings.

A professional inspection by RES will give you all the physical information you need to make an informed purchase decision. Our inspections meet or exceed the State of Connecticut Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for home inspection.

RES makes the following guarantees for all of our home inspections:

Participating in the Inspection

Although there is no requirement for you to be present at the inspection, you are encouraged to participate. Each step of the inspection process will be explained as it takes place and all of your questions about your home will be answered.

Detailed explanations of observations while you are on site and able to see the item in question will certainly make the inspection more meaningful and useful to you.

If you have additional questions after the inspection, either before or after you move in, you may feel free to consult with RES by phone at any time. We take personal interest in our clients and want you to be completely satisfied with our services and secure in the knowledge you have had one of the finest inspections available. Read our engineering services testimonials to see what our clients are saying!

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